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Russell Bateman

Personal Trainer, Art Director & Videographer

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SBC is nothing short of a global phenomenon. Russell Bateman created something so in demand that his intense class has been invite only since it was born. Popular with the a – list and a myriad supermodels, it lies somewhere between forward-thinking fashionable fitness and a cave-girl sorority. The class is a mixture of unique high intensity and animalistic movements that completely throw you out of your comfort zone.

Russell also art directs and shoots for Vogue, W magazine and ELLE amongst others, forging himself as a creative talent in the fashion/fitness world. He has made SBC so talked about, so hard to replicate and so in demand. This is unlike any other workout in the world.

His take on wellness and mindfulness is deep thinking, often controversial but always to the point. Expect to do things you’ve never done before.

"The most exclusive fitness class on the planet" - Harpers USA “The supermodel workout whisperer” – Vogue
“So, so, on point. Amazing” – Vogue Paris 

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