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Rose Electra Harris

Fine Artist 

Vase in My Bedroom 4.jpg

Rose Electra Harris is a London-based artist who works predominantly as a printmaker, mostly etching and screen-printing. Rose has a background in Fine Art Printmaking receiving a BA in the discipline at the Brighton Faculty of Arts in 2015.  Her work creates dreamlike, surreal and vibrant interpretations of interiors and the spaces that surround her. Rose reimagines the dialogue that exists between space and objects and uses decorative motifs, intricate pattens and a vivid palette to bring to life everyday objects such as chandeliers, lemon squeezers, radiators and freestanding baths.

Patterns and colours from India and Morocco appear in her work as her travels take a significant role in informing the palette she uses in her art. Rose  elaborates simple line drawings and transforms them into richly coloured and illustrious interiors through the use of decorative collaged fragments. 

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