Make Your Time Great featuring Kevin Spacey
Talent Procurement


The Brief

To bring attention to the launch of the new Renault Espace, Publicis Group began work on a creative campaign that required a globally recognisable A-list star. ITB was approached to cast and secure an A-list talent to make the campaign press-worthy.


Casting, Negotiating and Securing

After an in-depth casting and selection process lead by ITB alongside Prodigious, Kevin Spacey was shortlisted and then secured for the campaign. His versatility as an actor made him the perfect fit with the campaign creative which references three of his iconic characters from 'American Beauty', 'Usual Suspects' and 'House of Cards’.


The Campaign

A clever and nostalgic campaign for the new car got the press and audiences talking and won a Grand Prix at the International Automotive Festival in Paris for the best Advertising Film in 2016. Further congratulations to Renault are also in order for the other two awards they won for ‘Most Beautiful car of the year’ and the Design Grand Prix.