#MangoGirls - SS16, AW16, SS17, AW17, SS18
Influencer Marketing Program

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The Program 

For the past four seasons, ITB has worked closely with MANGO on developing and implementing a robust Influencer Program for the brand under the hashtag #MangoGirls.

The key objective for the #MangoGirls program is for MANGO to consistently align with fashion-credible talent and taste-makers, in order to move the needle from a perception standpoint amongst the audience and customer base, driving awareness, brand equity and sales.

The program framework provides a platform for content activations across Mango’s Digital, BTL and ATL channels, and enables Mango to build advocacy and credibility by growing relationships with a group of key Influencers over time, according to key learnings about who resonates well for the brand and audience.



When casting for the #MangoGirls program, the key was to select style Influencers who aligned with the brand and its core values, and had the potential to form strong and loyal relationships with the brand season after season. When it came to casting criteria, resonance and relevance within the ever-changing world of fashion were equally important to us as audience reach or number of followers.

An example of some of the Influencers we have secured for the #MangoGirls program have included: Yasmin Sewell, Bambi Northwood-Blyth, Leandra Medine, Patricia Manfield, Caroline De Maigret, Candela Novembre, Camille Cherriere, Georgia Tordini, Veronika Heilbrunner, Jeanne Demas, Pernille Tesibaek, Diletta Bonaiuti, Gilda Ambrosia, Immy Waterhouse, Joanna Halpin and Lizzy Van der Ligt.

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In order to further foster advocacy and create affinity amongst the #MangoGirls, ITB has worked closely with the brand to bring the Influencers together for a key event each season and, when relevant, to leverage individual talent for performance-based integrations.

First in Barcelona, followed by Milan and finally Seranno, these events provide organic, authentic moments through which to create content and capture valuable social assets - providing an opportunity for Talent to interact with the brand themselves, as well as the opportunity for press and media coverage.




Earned Media

From an earned media standing, The #MangoGirls program has been tremendously successful – having been been picked up by institutionalfashion publications such as Vogue and Elle, as well as widely circulated popular culture outlets including Grazia and Who What Wear.

From a fashion-credibility standpoint, Vogue's coverage of #MangoGirls as a key indicator of the changing faces of ‘Influence’ in the industry is paramount in terms of the impact the program has on had on shifting consumer perception amongst the Mango audience. 

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