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Kate Foley

Stylist and Creative Consultant

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Kate Foley is a New York based creative director consulting for a range of clients within the fashion industry. 

She takes a holistic approach to her work where the start of every relationship with a client is to understand, define and capture the true essence of the brand. She works with her clients to develop and activate their vision and strategizes how to successfully communicate this in a totally unique voice. 

Kate has had a diverse career path with roles ranging from buying womenswear at Opening Ceremony, to working at Conde Nast’s New Markets office in London. As a retail consultant she makes use of her wide range of experience to advise retailers on consumer experience, events, brand mix, developing creative content and brokering relationships with potential partners. 

As a Creative Director, Kate works with a client throughout the creative process, from conceptualization and inspiration to product development and product assortment to styling, merchandizing and communication. She also consults on all other visual brand collateral including digital and printed editorial content, website design, social media and events. 

She has a strong network of respected industry veterans worldwide she works with to execute projects she is working on. 


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