H&M X The Weeknd

H&M 2017 Spring Menswear Collection
Talent Procurement 

hm weeknd.jpeg

The Brief

ITB were tasked by H&M to find a global icon, with a distinctive style, who would be open to collaborating with H&M to create a male focused collection with an urban aesthetic but with a distinct fashion style. Someone who would want to get involved with the design process, and create a truly meaningful collection that had authenticity at the core.



Our Solution

ITB crafted a collaboration with international superstar The Weeknd, real name Abel Tesfaye, to come on board and work with H&M to create the line. Abel, along with his own design team worked very closely with H&M, providing input along every step of the way to ensure it worked for his own style and aesthetic, as well as would appeal to H&M’s customer. The collection, Spring Icons selected by The Weeknd launched in stores worldwide in March 2017. Taking cues from The Weeknd’s distinctive style, the collection features clean-cut pieces with monochromatic and graphic elements. Naturally, there’s also a rebellious attitude to the look, with relaxed silhouettes mirroring the unmistakable Los Angeles aesthetic.

HM weeknd.jpg

The Result

The Weeknd’s style and vision were a perfect match with the brand and resulted in a perfectly tailored streetwear look throughout the collection. The collection included bomber jackets, hoodies and jersey style t-shirts with some featuring the singers own XO logo. The Weeknd says he "Loves the mix of urban pieces like bombers and hoodies with tailored shirts and blazers, every piece is both effortless and fresh, which is just how menswear should be.” Thecollection is focused around the concept of selected spring garments – refined key pieces that blur the lines between classic and contemporary.