H&M Sport

Influencer Program


The Brief

H&M approached ITB to help research and cast influencers for a social influencer program to catalyse the launch of their new sportswear collection, supporting their ATL campaign.


Our Solution

After extensive exploration into the world of sport and fitness, ITB cast former Australian pole vaulter and fitness blogger Amanda Bisk and yoga instructor Patrick Beach to be the social ambassadors for H&M Sport.


The Mechanic

H&M gifted product to the ambassadors, who would then generate content for H&M to publish and repost on their own channels once a week. 

‘H&M Life’ is an online editorial feature run by the brand, producing articles with inspirational content about the ambassadors on a monthly basis. 

From January 2016, for an entire year, every 5th post by the ambassadors will be H&M related.