Holiday Campaign featuring Katy Perry
Talent Procurement & Bespoke Music Recording


The Brief

ITB were approached to cast and secure an A-list star to be featured in H&M’s 2015/16 holiday campaign. H&M were specifically looking for someone who could generate huge amounts of PR/press pull across generations and would bring the #HappyAndMerry campaign message to life.


Casting, Negotiating and Securing

Katy Perry was cast and secured to bring the campaign to life with her animated personality and instantly recognisable look. As well as the campaign stills and video, Katy Perry was also contracted to record a bespoke holiday song for the campaign.


Unique Campaign Assets

In the campaign video directed by Jonas Åkerlund, Katy leads a cast of giant teddy bears, life-sized gingerbread men, polar bears and supermodels.

Katy Perry's bespoke holiday song for the campaign "Every Day Is A Holiday" was written by Katy and produced by Duke Dumont, delivering unique content to H&M and furthering the impact of the campaign.