H&M Loves Music: Featuring Foxes
Music Search & Sync Licensing


The Brief

H&M approached ITB to find upcoming musicians to feature in their 'H&M Loves Music' campaign. 


The Campaign

After securing up-and-coming singer Foxes as the face of the campaign, ITB undertook the task of securing the rights to use ‘Feet Don’t Fail Me Now’, a track which Foxes’ management had given H&M the exclusive rights to promote and feature alongside the campaign on the brands website and social media channels. This unique content was accompanied by various short clips of Foxes in LA at the campaign shoot.

foxes 2.png

The Event

After the success of the Foxes campaign, H&M’s team in Germany requested an intimate live performance from Foxes in their Hamburg showroom for press, Foxes fans and competition winners.

The performance was to be live streamed via ampya.com, a music news website in Germany. H&M used the footage created to distribute a short ‘highlight’ video to press and post onto their social media channels immediately after the event.

Within very tight timing constraints, ITB was able to secure the three chosen Foxes tracks for H&M and negotiate all four agreements with multiple partners.