Talent Procurement 

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The Brief

ITB worked collaboratively with agency, Yard NYC, to ideate and cast talent from all different walks of life  to feature in Gap's AW17 global campaign.

The campaign - titled 'Meet me in the GAP' - stages unexpected 'meet ups' against a white backdrop, celebrating what can happen when we come together and close the gaps that exist between us.

The goal for the campaign was to evoke the same feeling, optimism and energy that GAP Talent did in the 90s and 2000s.


Influencer Casting 

ITB identified and cast a wide variety of talent and influencers - from dancers to beat boxers, yodellers, skaters, and dribblers to auctioneers - to all come together and collaborate by creating unexpected works of art with one another through movement and sound.

Talent cast for the first instalment included dancing duo Chloe & Maud Arnole, basketball dribbler Corey The Dribbler, TV host and athlete Rachel DeMita, flutist and internet sensation Tyler Bonafides, yodeller Kata Hay, beat boxer Kaila Mullady, auctioneer Jake Grizzard, artist Gloss Black, epic dancer Fik-Shun, trumpeter Christian Scott, cool girl-gang skateboarding crew the Santa Cruz Lady Lurkers and beat maker Beats By Jblack.


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Cher Meet Future

For the latest instalment, pop culture icons Cher and Future were cast to come together in the GAP for a once in a lifetime collaboration.

In the 30 second ad, we see the pop icon and the rapper coming together for the first time to create a rendition of the classic song ‘Everyday People’, originally written by Sly and the Family Stone, to highlight the importance of uniting people and cultures despite their differences.