Talent Procurement

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The Brief

Iconic Japanese beauty brand Shiseido enlisted ITB to secure talent for their latest disruptive global campaign in an effort to relaunch the brand and announce the release of 21 brand new ‘weightless’ make up products in 125 new shades. ITB was challenged with the task of seeking out artists whose work has reshaped the creative boundaries of their industry whilst also bringing a youthful, cool and edgy feel to the campaign.


Kajal InkArtist Eyeliner

ITB secured American singer-songwriter Banks as the face of Shiseido’s brand new ‘Kajal InkArtist Eyeliner’. The campaign includes a film featuring a backing track of Bank’s single ‘Drowning‘ . ITB also secured her to appear in a print campaign, personal appearances and social media. 

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SHISEIDO yi zhou wesbite.png

VisionAiry Gel Lipstick 

Alongside the Kajal InkArtist Eyeliner campaign, ITB also cast and secured Shanghai-born multimedia artist Yi Zhou to be the face of VisionAiry Gel Lipstick. Yi is a true master of her craft whose work has appeared in exhibitions across the globe and has created films for brands such as Chanel, Hogan and Lane Crawford to name but a few. She also appeared in a campaign video, print, personal appearances and social media.