Miss Dior featuring Natalie Portman
Talent Procurement


The Brief

ITB worked determinedly between brand and talent to fulfil Dior’s long-term ambition of acquiring Natalie Portman as the face of the brand.


Strategy, Negotiating and Securing

This large-scale, worldwide endorsement involved close consultation to secure and negotiate a comprehensive partnership ensuring the maximum benefit from the association for all parties.

Portman had previously been opposed to signing any commercial deal. However, anticipating the sticking points and utilising existing relationships with Portman’s manager, ITB obtained access to critical information that was central to then successfully securing the partnership.


Complex Negotiations

This lengthy six month process included complex negotiations, making sure to satisfy Portman’s insistence on being portrayed as a strong woman through the creative, but most importantly ensuring activity was centred around Dior's commitment to creating synthetic replacements for animal based products – unheard of at the time in the cosmetic space – in line with Portman's very public animal welfare beliefs.