Daniel Wellington x Kendall Jenner

2017 Classic Collection Campaign
Talent Procurement

KJ DW.jpg

The Brief

ITB were tasked with casting and securing a modern and iconic name to feature as the face of their brand and initially to launch their new watch, the Classic Petite. Frankenstein, the Swedish Creative agency working with Daniel Wellington, looked to ITB to cast names that were: globally relevant, with particularly good presence in their main markets; Europe, USA and Asia, contemporary and hugely relevant on social media, which has been a main pillar of the brands success and reputation since its inception in 2009.


The Campaign

ITB cast and secured the supermodel, Kendall Jenner, to feature as the face of the Classic Petite launch and PR and social activity throughout the year. The partnership was a natural fit, as Jenner had been a fan of the brand for years. Ola Melin, PR Manager at Daniel Wellington stated: “Kendall is a contemporary icon who embodies a mindset that has been central to the style of this brand new collection. She sticks out, inspires and personifies the Classic Petite in an incredible way."