Win The Right Way
Talent Procurement

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The Brief 

For the past two seasons, ITB was tasked to engage leading actors for the Chivas masterbrand campaign, Win The Right Way. The campaign was originally introduced as an initiative to drive awareness of the brand's cause-based social entrepreneurship campaign, The Venture.

The core message of Win The Right Way is to incentivise a more generous approach towards reaching success by helping others, in order to show that it is possible to do well and do good. This message was born from the founding brothers of the Chivas brand, who realised that success is much richer when shared with others.


2014 Campaign

For the first iteration of the campaign in 2014, ITB was tasked to engage three multi-lingual A-List talent who resonated with the core values of the Chivas brand for a two year, market-specific campaign. 

ITB cast and secured Golden Globe winning actor Oscar Isaac, BAFTA award winning actor Chiwetel Ejiofor, and Berlin & Asian Film award winning actor Liao Fan, all to take part in a TV and print campaign in separate markets around the globe. The talent feature separately in 60-second spots showing them pacing around a boxing ring while celebrating those business owners who care enough to worry about something other than profits.

The talent were joined by five established social entrepreneurs whom ITB also cast for the campaign to tell their own stories. These entrepreneurs were from across the globe from China, Mexico, Brazil, USA and South Africa - all with their own, unique business tales to tell.

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2016 Campaign

Following the success of the 2014 campaign, ITB was engaged once again in 2016 to cast and secure global talent for market-specific activations for the Win The Right Way campaign.

ITB secured oscar-winning actor, Javier Bardem, to feature in his first ever commercial campaign, presented in both English and Spanish. Also cast were Don Cheadle for Africa and Chris Evans for Asia Pacific. 

The TV spots feature the actors and others in a collective effort to make it to a roof party at the top of a tall building and a toast to sharing success on the way up.