Calvin Klein

Influencer Marketing


The Brief

Calvin Klein were looking to introduce a younger audience to the iconic brand in a credible and contemporary way, ultimately to increase underwear sales.


Appealing to Millennials

Looking at millennial behavioural trends and the appetite for selfie culture, a communications platform was developed with a tiered and structured influencer seeding strategy around the line #MyCalvins. This activity was kicked off by Kendall Jenner and supported by a strategic gifting programme, resulting in further credible postings from the friends and circles of our influencers, adding to the campaign reach and momentum.


The Results

The first 3 influencer photos gained 1+ million fan interactions and an audience of 50+ million in less than 24 hours.

In 2 weeks the campaign saw 35k fan submissions.

In 2 weeks Calvin Klein gained almost 13K followers on Instagram and over 38K fans on Facebook.

#MyCalvins had a combined global reach of over 283 million fans.

The new modern cotton collection completely sold out worldwide and e-commerce traffic was up 500%.

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