Burger King & Ducati

'Burnt' Script Integration
Branded Content


Our Starting Point

After reading the script of Burnt, ITB identified key scenes and opportunities for brand integrations.


Identifying and Reaching Out

ITB reached out to motorbike manufacturer Ducati and fast food chain Burger King presenting on-screen integration opportunities.


Ducati Integration

From the outset, we identified a great opportunity for the lead, Bradley Cooper, to be shot riding a motorbike.

Production were adamant that Cooper should be riding a high-end motorbike and we delivered using our strong relationship with Ducati.


Burger King Integration

The Burger King location was logistically complex to secure. We managed to negotiate a two day take-over of Europe’s busiest Burger King restuarant in Leister Square - a substantial contribution from Burger King, given this location turns over £200,000 a day.




Even before the film was released, both brands benefited from excellent publicity from local media.

Bradley Cooper riding the Ducati was heavily documented online. Similarly, images of Sienna Miller and Bradley Cooper filming in Burger King were all over the press.

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